The Cord Glide Story

The Cord Glide Story

Hi, I’m Maggie Forsythe, the CEO of Pinnacle Facility Solutions. I am a building services contractor that has been providing cleaning and maintenance services to the metro Detroit area for over a decade.

We now have a team of 50+ employees, but I started as a 1-woman operation so I know what its like working in the trenches.  Those earlier years gave me a unique advantage. I understand first hand the challenges and frustrations employees face daily and how best to create work efficiencies that will increase employee safety and company profit margins.

A well known problem in the commercial cleaning industry is cord management.  Every time a cleaner uses a vacuum, the cords slow them down as they repeatedly get stuck under furnishings.  That’s why I invented the Cord Glide™.



The Cord Glide Solution

I refer to the Cord Glide™ as my “hot cup sleeve” idea.  Simple, necessary and effective.  Truly an “a ha” moment that has helped our company maximize cleaner productivity and increase worker safety without spending a fortune on cordless vacuums.  As we use the Cord Glide™ we have seen savings in other ways as well; a reduction in damaged cord replacement, and it prevents damage to cubicle and furniture corners.  This makes our customers feel like we go the extra mile to serve them well.

In addition, high turnover, competition, and rising labor costs has motivated us all to invest in solutions that improve the employees job experience. We all know it is better to keep an employee than to find, hire and train a new one.  The Cord Glide™ has helped us accomplish that by making the task of vacuuming safer and less frustrating.

The Cord Glide™ is now a staple item for all our new startups.  Many people have asked us about it, so we are making it available to you.  Now you too can enjoy significant savings without spending a fortune. Try it out and see for yourselves.  I’m convinced you will love them too!