Cord Glide FAQ

Here is a list of some commonly asked questions. 

If you have further questions, please contact us at or call (800) 380-4068

How does the Cord Glide™ work?

The Cord Glide™ accessory fits under the legs of cubicles / furniture and is held in place by the weight of the furniture.  It is made of durable ABS plastic and designed to guide the cord smoothly around the corners of furniture and eliminating the gap underneath that causes vacuum cords to become trapped.

This prevents cleaners from having to continually stop their work flow to backtrack and release jammed cords.  It also decreases the ergonomic risk of back injury caused by cleaners repetitively bending down to free jammed cords.

Who should outfit offices with the Cord Glide™?

Anyone who wants to:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Increase production rates
  • Reduce ergonomic risk of work injury
  • Reduce electrical safety hazard
  • Prevent damage to customer furnishings  
  • Lower risk of OHSA fines

Will the Cord Glide™ increase worker productivity? 

Yes!  By 20%! While you can easily train employees to memorize efficient cleaning paths and outlet locations, you cannot prevent vacuum cords from continuously getting stuck under furnishings. This is the single most significant factor of productivity loss. UNTIL NOW! 

With the Cord Glide™, employees no longer have to repeatedly backtrack, and bend over to release cords that get jammed under the furnishings.  Based on field tests, the Cord Glide™ increases vacuuming production rates up to 20%. 

Why not just use a cordless vacuum to alleviate the cord problem?

While cordless vacuums and the Cord Glide™ both offer solutions to the problems associated with cord management, there are key differences. 


The price point of the cordless vacuum is almost 4x that of a regular backpack vacuum.  Many companies find the price point cost prohibitive, yet the problems associated with cord management remain. That’s why we set out to create a low-cost alternative solution with a quick ROI that is hard to compete with. 

For many budgets, it just doesn’t make sense to tie up capital in expensive equipment when there’s a practical and budget friendly option available. In fact, you can outfit about five buildings with Cord Glides™ for every one with a cordless vacuum.  Now that is stretching your dollars!  In addition to cost, other reasons that people choose the Cord Glide™ include: 


Cordless vacuums are 2x as heavy as backpack vacuums.   An employee is required to wear approx. 20 pounds on their back vs. 9 pounds for a backpack vacuum. This makes employee recruitment more difficult, as well as increasing the risk of injury and Workman’s Comp claims. 


The Cord Glide™ offers the added benefit of protecting office furniture from damage.  We intentionally designed the Cord Glide™ to ride higher on the face of cubicles to provide protection from cord scuffs, damage, cubicle corners getting knocked off by the vacuum cord, etc.  This goes a long way in showing the customer you care.  


The Cord Glide™ decreases the ergonomic risk of back injury caused by cleaners repetitively bending down to free jammed cords, so it creates a safer work environment for your employees and reduces the risk of Workman’s Comp claims.  The Cord Glide™ also prevents electrical cords from getting damaged which creates an electrical hazard and potential OSHA violations and possible fines.

Can I be fined by OSHA for a damaged vacuum cord?

Yes, even if an inspector is on site for an unrelated issue you can face an inspection.  The fine for each nick or tear on an electrical cord can be up to $1,600.  According to inspectors we interviewed, the actual average cost was $300-500 per cord tear depending on the variables and could go up to as much as $5,000. 


What is the ROI with the Cord Glide™?

The Cord Glide™ gives you a return on your investment 3x as fast as the cordless vacuum.  The Cord Glide™ ROI is app. 5 months, while a cordless vacuum is app. 15 months.  Also, with the Cord Glide™ there are no additional costs like replacement batteries down the road.  In fact, if you ever stop servicing an account, you can reuse the Cord Glide™ at your next start up. 

Is the Cord Glide™ easy to install?

Yes, it slides right under the leg of the cubicle.  For furniture that is too heavy to lift, we suggest a wedge bar or Air Shim to make installation easy.  Just lift the area slightly enough to slide the Cord Glide™ under the adjustable foot and the foot will keep it securely in place.  Visit our Installation Page for more info. 

Will the Cord Glide™ be obtrusive to the look of the workspace?

The Cord Glide™ is transparent so it has a very low-profile and remains unnoticeable within the aesthetic of the space.   Click here to see a photo of a Cord Glide in place (but, you'll have to look closely😉.

How many Cord Glides™ do I need for my office?

It will depend on the size & layout of the furniture in each building.  Plan on one for each outer furniture corner to account for different vacuuming patterns.  Click here for sample layout.  Its a good idea to keep Cord Glides™ in your inventory so you are ready for each new account startup.