Cord Glide Works!

Introducing an ingenious, low-cost solution to cord management that will take your vacuum production rates to a whole new level!

The patent-pending Cord Glide™ is a revolutionary, low-profile accessory placed under cubicles and furniture to prevent vacuum cords from becoming wedged and damaged.

This simple, stationary accessory keeps your cleaning crew efficiently moving forward through their work area without cords getting jammed, continual backtracking, bending and constant work slow downs.

With the Cord Glide™ you can increase vacuum production rates up to 20%. Time saved in worker efficiency adds up to thousands of dollars a year in labor savings. 

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* Lower labor costs 
* Increase production rates up to 20%
* Quick ROI of 5 months
* Improve employee safety
* Lower cord replacement costs
* Lower risk of OSHA fines
* Protect customer furnishing

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